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iPhone repair Amsterdam

Professional and fast iPhone repair service

Did you drop your phone? Or even worse, did you drop your phone into the water? Or does your battery run out way too fast? It’s very annoying if your iPhone is no longer working properly. Fortunately, you can have your iPhone repaired quickly and easily at ThePhoneLab in Amsterdam. We perform various iPhone repairs, including screen repair, replacing the battery, or placing a new dock connector. You can schedule an appointment online and then pass by at a suitable time. Visiting without an appointment is (of course) also possible. At ThePhoneLab you can expect an awesome service!

In addition to the fast service, you can also expect excellent quality. Our iPhone specialists in Amsterdam thoroughly check every iPhone and then proceed carefully. Our team specializes in iPhone repairs. For a screen repair or battery replacement, you can choose between an original part or a compatible part. An original part is manufactured by Apple and is identical to the part that your new iPhone came with. A compatible part is of comparable quality, but not from Apple itself. This allows us to offer it for a lower price. Other repairs (so no screen repairs or battery replacements) are always carried out with compatible parts.

ThePhoneLab shows that a good iPhone repair service in Amsterdam doesn’t always have a high price tag. ThePhoneLab repairs your iPhone for an attractive price. When scheduling your appointment online, you will immediately see the configured price. Besides that, our iPhone repairs in Amsterdam come with a lifetime warranty on parts replaced by ThePhoneLab. Because of this service, you can always be confident that your iPhone will be repaired to the highest standard.


Plan your iPhone repair in Amsterdam

You can count on ThePhoneLab for the best priced repairs. Want to plan a repair? Select your device to get started!

iPhone repair Amsterdam – ‘Pick-up and drop-off’-service

Working every day or spending long days at school? Sometimes you simply don’t have time to bring your iPhone for a repair. But don’t worry, we got you! If you don’t have time to visit our iPhone repair service in Amsterdam, we can pick up your iPhone as well. With our pick-up and drop-off service, your iPhone is picked up and brought to one of our stores. After a diagnosis of your iPhone, we will repair the device and bring it back to you. All you have to do is register the repair on our website, indicate what type of Apple iPhone you have and what kind of repair is required. An iPhone repair at ThePhoneLab in Amsterdam is easy and fast!

Do you prefer to come by yourself? That is of course always possible. You don’t always have to make an appointment, but in that case, you are not assured of our fast service. Making an appointment online can make it a lot easier and faster. Stop walking around with your broken screen, broken battery, or water-damaged iPhone. Your device is ready while you wait!


Our most common iPhone repairs in Amsterdam

Is your iPhone no longer working properly, but you don’t know exactly why? Please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you.

Our most common iPhone repairs are:

  1. Screen / LCD repair (broken glass)
  2. Battery repair (quickly drained battery)
  3. Dock connector repair (iPhone no longer charges)
  4. Water damage repair
  5. Lock button repair (no longer turns on and off)
  6. Home button replaced

In addition to Apple iPhone repairs, we also take care of repairs on other smartphones. Among others the Samsung Galaxy S8 play, Samsung S7, Samsung S6 and the Sony Xperia Z5. Whether it’s a major or mini repair, at ThePhoneLab you can count on a super service with the best parts.

Looking for the repair rates? When you register your device for a repair, you have to indicate the type of device and the type of repair. The repair rates will then immediately appear on screen. At ThePhoneLab you will be provided with good service!


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