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30-minute service

ThePhoneLab makes it lightning-fast, usually within 30 minutes. Did you come by appointment and are we unable to repair your phone, tablet or laptop within the agreed time? Then you will immediately receive a € 10,- discount on the repair. You can always keep us to this promise! Read the terms and conditions of the 30-minute service promise below.

At ThePhoneLab we understand better than anyone how annoying it is to have a broken and malfunctioning phone, tablet or laptop. If you want to have your device repaired, you don't want to lose it for a long time. We understand that and that is why we guarantee that, if you come by appointment, you will be outside with a repaired device, within 30 minutes!

Terms and conditions 30-minute service promise

The 30 minutes service promise applies to the most common repairs. We can only fulfill the 30 minutes service promise if you make an appointment and you are on time for this appointment. In some cases, our specialists will not be able to repair your device within 30 minutes. The original repair time can be found on our website. You select a repair and find the information under repair time. The specialist in our store will always communicate the correct repair time before we start the repair. In case we’ve communicated a longer repair time than 30 minutes and we are unable to repair your device within this agreed time? Then you will also immediately receive a €10,- discount on the repair carried out. 

Below you’ll find some examples of repairs we can’t perform within 30 minutes:

  • iPhone back cover repairs: a back cover repair is replaced while using a special laser machine. This is a labor-intensive process and therefore the replacement of the back cover takes longer. 
  • Original iPhone repairs: because ThePhoneLab is an Independent Repair Provider (IRP) for Apple, we must work following the guidelines of Apple. Therefore we use a repair time of 60 minutes. 
  • iPad repairs: with these repairs the screen needs to be attached properly in order to prevent it from coming loose. Therefore, iPad repairs take longer than 30 minutes. 
  • OnePlus repairs: since ThePhoneLab is an official repair partner of OnePlus, we follow the OnePlus guidelines - which are an exception to the 30-minute service promise. 
  • OPPO repairs: since ThePhoneLab is an official repair partner of OPPO, we follow the OPPO guidelines - which are an exception to the 30-minute service promise.
  • Soldering: soldering is an extremely complex repair, performed on the motherboard under a microscope. Therefore, these repairs take at least one week.
  • MacBook repairs: these repairs are more complex than smartphone repairs. That is why most MacBook repairs have a duration of 72 hours.

Can't come by in one of our stores? Then we will pick up your device, repair it in our stores and subsequently bring it back. In this case, you will often have a repaired device in your hands within 4 hours. 

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