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iPhone repair

Is your iPhone screen, battery, back glass or battery broken? As an Independent Repair Provider for Apple, we can repair your iPhone with original parts, but also with cheaper alternatives of the highest quality!

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Samsung repair

Do you want to replace your Samsung screen, back glass, camera or battery? We offer Samsung repairs with original parts or cheaper options of the highest quality! We do this with a 30-minute service and you are assured of your data!

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iPad repair

Is your iPad screen broken or is your iPad no longer charging? At ThePhoneLab we repair your iPad with the highest quality parts and in 60 minutes.

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MacBook repair

Fix your MacBook with a quick and easy screen repair. Or by replacing your battery or keyboard at ThePhoneLab.

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Other repairs

Nieuwe batterij in je Acer? Of een nieuw scherm nodig voor je Dell? Bij ThePhoneLab repareren we nu ook laptops! Met de service die je van ons gewend bent.

Other repairs
Laptop repairs

New battery in your Acer? Or do you need a new screen for your Dell? At ThePhoneLab we now also repair laptops! With the service you have come to expect from us.

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Visit a store
Visit a store
Sell your device

Sell your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac or Airpods easily and quickly. Estimate the value immediately, bring it to us and receive the money in your account within 3 working days.

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