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No cure, no pay

ThePhoneLab makes it or not. Our specialists will do everything they can to get you outside with a smile and a repaired device. Not sure what's wrong with your device? You can always come by for a free diagnosis. It may happen that we are not able to repair your device and make it work again. We regret this, but every disadvantage has its advantage; you do not have to pay. ThePhoneLab makes it or not, on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis. You only pay when you walk out the door with a repaired device (and a smile). Fair enough. Read the no cure, no pay conditions below.

At ThePhoneLab you are always welcome for a free diagnosis. If we do not immediately know the cause of the problem you are experiencing, we will start a free investigation without any obligations. After usually 30 minutes, the specialists can tell you what is wrong with your device. We will always give you an estimate of the costs. So said, so done; subsequently you decide for yourself whether you proceed with the repair. Are the costs higher than you are willing to invest? Then you don’t have to pay for the investigation. 

Whether you decide to have your device repaired immediately or after a free diagnosis, our specialists will do everything to get your device working again. Is this unfortunately not possible after the repair? We are very sorry, however you still don’t have to pay for the time we spent on your device. We aim for positive interaction and you only have to pay if you leave our shop with a working device. Fair enough! 

There is only one exception to the no cure, no pay promise. When you come by with a device that has some water damage, we are forced to perform a water damage cleaning. Because the damage of water in a device can be unexpected, we cannot estimate in advance whether a water damage cleaning will save your device. Unfortunately, a water damage repair is time-intensive. Therefore, we can’t offer the service with the no cure, no pay promise and we need to charge the labor costs for this service, regardless of the result. In some cases, you may not know that your device has suffered water damage. The specialist will always inform you if he or she opens the device and finds water damage. You can of course choose by yourself whether you want to have a water damage cleaning carried out and take the risk of paying these costs.

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