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About ThePhoneLab

ThePhoneLab knows everything about smartphones and tablets. From hardware to software, and from repair to protection and prevention. We love technology and like to work with our hands. Is your device broken? We fix it. Professional, fast, directly in the store, with or without an appointment. ThePhoneLab strives for clear and open communication. We are reliable and competent, and we radiate that. You can see it in our clean, fresh store and high-tech lab, and in our people. We keep a close eye on the quality and prices of parts – and we act accordingly. This way we can offer the best service and the highest quality at the lowest price.

What are we doing?

ThePhoneLab repairs smartphones and tablets. We do this not only very well, but also very quickly. Can’t we solve the problem this soon? Then we will offer you a replacement device, so that you can continue your daily business. We think in terms of solutions, so that you can be reached anytime and anywhere. And to avoid problems in the future, we offer you the prevention and protection. You can always go to ThePhoneLab for a free check-up and cleaning service.

Our people

ThePhoneLab specialists find it a joy to get to know the latest techniques and devices and to fully understand them. In this way we continue to learn and together we have built up an enormous dose of expertise. We don’t shy away from any problem and we start with a screen repair just as smoothly as with a complex repair of a logic board.

No time to pass by?

Are you not able to pass by one of our stores? Then use our Pick-up & Delivery Service or Mail-in repair. ThePhoneLab makes a lot possible, whether you need to have a a lot repaired or a little and whether you are a business customer or private consumer. Accessible and flexible, we are ready for you.