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Lifetime warranty

ThePhoneLab makes it with a lifetime warranty. We are sure of our business and service: our trained specialists work with high quality and original parts. Therefore, we always offer a lifetime warranty on the function of the repair. Read the terms and conditions of the lifetime warranty below.

With a lifetime warranty - that's how ThePhoneLab makes repairs. First of all, it's good to know that you don't keep the manufacturer's warranty on your phone with all repairs. Because ThePhoneLab is an Authorized Service Partner for OnePlus and OPPO and an Independent Repair Provider for Apple, we can perform all OnePlus, OPPO, and certified Apple repairs while maintaining the manufacturer's warranty. Do you have another device and is it still covered by the manufacturer's warranty? In that case, unfortunately, we cannot repair it while retaining the manufacturer's warranty. You are of course very welcome!

ThePhoneLab provides a warranty on repaired parts. On performed labor, such as water damage cleaning, we can not offer any warranty. This is because water damage is unpredictable and we can never say in advance if we can get the device working again after a cleaning. We also cannot offer a lifetime warranty on a soldered device, such as a Face-ID repair or a logic board repair, a refurbished device, or a battery.

ThePhoneLab makes it with a lifetime warranty. This applies to all repaired parts, except the battery. It is good to know that a battery naturally becomes less efficient over time. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot offer a lifetime warranty on this, but only 12 months. Is the maximum battery capacity below 80% within 12 months? Then this will be covered by our warranty. 

In addition, ThePhoneLab offers a 12-month warranty on the purchase of accessories. User damage is excluded from this. Lastly, we offer a 2-week adhesive guarantee on our Clearplex Screen Protector. This means that we stick the screen protector on your device. If it turns out that we have not stuck it properly within two weeks, we ask you to return to our store with the original screen protector. Here we will place a new one on your device free of charge.

What is covered by my warranty?
If a problem arises with the repaired part or is attributable to the replaced part, it is covered by ThePhoneLab's lifetime warranty. The warranty is linked to your device's IMEI number and your personal details are recorded in our system, so we can always verify the coverage. It is good to know that the warranty is not extended at the moment the owner of the device changes, the lifetime warranty is personal. 

What is not covered by my warranty? 
Problems that cannot be attributed to the replaced part, such as fall, impact, pressure, water, or visible user damage. Refurbished devices, batteries, solderings, and accessories also do not have a lifetime warranty.

What should I do if I experience problems with my replaced part?
We would like to ask you to visit one of our stores. A specialist will investigate the cause of the problem. If it turns out that there is indeed a problem with the repaired part, we will replace it for you free of charge. 

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*OnePlus' screens are OLED, which means that pixels independently create the image. With prolonged exposure to static image elements, these pixels may degrade in quality, causing shadows of those static elements to appear in the image. These shadows are caused by the uneven degradation of the pixels that make up the screen. This happens when a particular set of pixels degrades at a different rate than the pixels around them. This problem is excluded from the lifetime warranty.