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Looking for a professional company to repair your Google Pixel phone quickly and expertly? ThePhoneLab is here for you! Our specialists can get right to work on your phone repair, so you’ll usually be back outside with a repaired Google Pixel phone within 30 minutes. In doing so, you will receive a lifetime warranty on the function of the replaced part, excluding fall, impact, pressure, water and visible user damage.

  • Hoelang duurt het om mijn Google Pixel te laten maken?

    De meest voorkomende reparaties zijn binnen 30 minuten uitgevoerd. Ook vind je de correcte reparatieduur terug bij de geselecteerde reparatie.

  • Wat zijn de kosten van mijn Google Pixel reparatie?
  • Zijn er Google Pixel reparaties die jullie niet uitvoeren?
  • Wat valt onder de garantie van een Google Pixel reparatie?

Fast Pixel repair service
Fix a broken screen, connector repair or water damage? At ThePhoneLab, we don’t turn our hand to it. We fix the most common problems with the Google Pixel phone within 30 minutes. That way you won’t spend all day getting your phone repaired. You can also stop by if your battery isn’t charging properly or if you don’t know what’s wrong with your phone. Our specialists will be happy to find out what’s going on for you during a free diagnosis. Then you decide whether to proceed with repairs.

Our experienced specialists will repair your Pixel quickly and at the best repair prices. Replacing the battery, screen or camera is thus no longer an expensive affair and a Google Pixel repair certainly does not have to be put on the back burner. Make an appointment soon to come by with your broken Google Pixel device at one of our stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Alkmaar or The Hague!
Always supplied with new parts
The parts we place in your Google Pixel device are always of the highest attainable quality. At ThePhoneLab, we are sure of our business. We work with trained specialists and high quality parts, which also allows us to offer a lifetime warranty.
Wondering where to get your Google Pixel repaired?
Click on the map for more info on your preferred location

ThePhoneLab - Potterstraat 4

Potterstraat 4, 3512 TA Utrecht

Route 030 737 08 72

ThePhoneLab - Van Woustraat 190D

Van Woustraat 190D, 1073 LZ Amsterdam - Van Woustraat

Route 020 737 32 31

ThePhoneLab - Marnixstraat 253H

Marnixstraat 253H, 1015 WH Amsterdam - Marnixstraat

Route 020 223 60 38

ThePhoneLab - Beethovenstraat 94hs

Beethovenstraat 94hs, 1077 JN Amsterdam - Beethovenstraat

Route 020 737 29 42

ThePhoneLab - Kennemerstraatweg 104

Kennemerstraatweg 104, 1815 LC Alkmaar

Route 072 220 51 89

ThePhoneLab - Grote Houtstraat 162

Grote Houtstraat 162, 2011 SZ Haarlem

Route 023 737 03 85

ThePhoneLab - Frederik Hendriklaan 142A

Frederik Hendriklaan 142A, 2582 BH Den Haag - Frederik Hendriklaan

Route 070 221 17 00

ThePhoneLab - Denneweg 186

Denneweg 186, 2514CM Den Haag - Denneweg

Route 070 217 00 98

ThePhoneLab - Meent 11A

Meent 11A , 3011JA Rotterdam

Route 010 200 23 70

ThePhoneLab - Gelderlandplein 126

Gelderlandplein 126, 1082 LB Amsterdam - Gelderlandplein

Route 020 244 19 10

Different types of Google Pixel repairs

Google Pixel screen repair
Google Pixel battery replacement
Google Pixel back cover replacement
Google Pixel camera repair

Choose convenience
You are welcome to visit our stores with and without an appointment. Our specialists are ready to repair your Google Pixel. You are welcome for a Google Pixel repair in Amsterdam, a Google Pixel repair in Haarlem, a Google Pixel repair in Utrecht, a Google Pixel repair in Alkmaar or a Google Pixel repair in The Hague. You can also use our send-up service.

Google Pixel repair prices
Want to know what it will cost to have your Google Pixel made? Check out the table below!

Google Pixel
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