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Mail-In Repair

When you are not able to visit one of our stores, our mail-in repair service might just be the solution for you! With this service your smartphone, tablet or laptop will be fixed and send back to you. Most of the time, even within 24 hours!

Note: Do you have a OnePlus phone that you would like to register for repair? Then you can do so via this link. You do not have to pay shipping costs for your package. 

How does our mail-in repair service work?

It’s easy! You send us your device, and once we have received it we will fix it within 24 hours on working days after approval.

  1. Download and fill out our Mail-in repair form.
  2. Fill in the form below the step-by-step plan and upload your repair form.
  3. Put your device, together with the form in a box. Make sure to wrap it carefully.
  4. Ship the package to the address on the form. To be sure your package is handled correctly we recommend to ship the package with Track and Trace and possibly registered.
  5. Once we have received your package one off our specialist will inspect your device and make a quotation for the repair costs. He or she will then send you the quotation by mail with a request for the payment. We will also give you a call to discuss the repair and to make sure you understand what we will be fixing.
  6. After we have received your payment, we will send the device back to you. This time we will pay for the shipping.

Mail-in Repair

  • This would also be the retour address
  • iPhone X or OnePlus 7 Pro for example
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.

Which conditions apply?

  • We will send you a quotation once we have done our inspection. When agreed we will start with the repair and send you a payment request for this.
  • Once we have received your device we strive to send it back to you within 1 or 2 business days, if the quotation is approved in time.
  • Our regular terms and conditions also apply here.
  • Shipping costs: You pay for the shipping to us, and we pay for the shipping to you! Meaning we will pay for the package to be send back.
  • We recommend send your package by registered mail.
  • Make sure you always back up your phone in case of losing your data after the repair.

What are the costs for the repairs?

We have a clear list of of all the prices on our website. Below you find a list of frequent smartphone repairs, or go to repairs.

Something not quite clear yet? Do not hesitate to contact us.