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ThePhoneLab Amsterdam - De Jordaan Tablet, laptop and phone repair

Marnixstraat 253H, 1015 WH

telefoonnummer 020 223 60 38

mobiel 06 41 42 29 91

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You can park in the Westerstraat or on the Marnixstraat. An alternative is Q-Park Europarking at 3 minutes walking distance.

Store hours

Monday: 09:00-18:00

Tuesday: 09:00-18:00

Wednesday: 09:00-18:00

Thursday: 09:00-18:00

Friday: 09:00-18:00

Saturday: 10:00-17:00

Sunday: 12:00-17:00

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Come by for your repair, today

  • iPhone, Samsung, OPPO, OnePlus and many other brands
  • Repaired within 30 minutes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Screen repair, camera repair, battery replacement and backcover replacement
  • No cure, no pay
  • Sure of your data
  • iPad, Samsung Tab and many other brands
  • Often repaired within 60 minutes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Display repair, camera repair, battery replacement, backcover replacement
  • No cure, no pay
  • Sure of your data
  • MacBooks, Microsoft Surfaces and many other brands
  • Your MacBook or Microsoft Surface is mostly repaired within 72 hours
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Screen repair, battery replacement, charging port repair and keyboard repair.
  • No cure, no pay
  • Sure of your data
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Specialist - Marnixstraat

Call us:

telefoonnummer icon 020 223 60 38

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ThePhoneLab makes it quick and easy.

Does your mobile phone need to be repaired, because the glass of your screen is broken? Or is your battery in need of replacement? At ThePhoneLab you are outside with a repaired smartphone within 30 minutes.

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Is your tablet broken and does it require a repair? Our specialists will repair your tablet often within 60 minutes, so you can be online again in no time. You are welcome with or without an appointment at one of our stores.

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Are you looking for an iPhone repair in Amsterdam? Come visit ThePhoneLab. From iPhone screen repair to replacing your battery, back cover, or camera. Original and compatible parts, for the lowest price.

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Is your iPad not working anymore or is it broken? Or is the battery no longer charging anymore? We repair your iPad within 60 minutes with the highest quality parts. You can go for a display repair, but also a charging port repair.

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A broken or malfunctioning MacBook? We’ll repair or replace parts like your MacBook display, keyboard, and battery within 72 hours, so you can be back online in no time.

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Have you been walking around with a malfunctioning Samsung mobile? Is the glass of your screen broken, is your battery ready for replacement or is your camera or back glass broken? We repair your Samsung with original parts, often within 30 minutes. Come and see us for a quick Samsung repair in Amsterdam.

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Cracks in your OnePlus display? Or a bad battery? We are authorized by OnePlus and repair your device not only quickly, but also with original parts. You can also come by for a manufacturer’s warranty repair, which means that we fix your problems free of charge.

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Does your OPPO cell phone need to be repaired? We are authorized by OPPO and therefore we only work with original parts. You can also come by for a manufacturer’s warranty repair, which means that we can fix your problems free of charge.

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Do you have cracks in the screen of your Google cell phone? Or is your camera not working? We repair and replace your Google device within 30 minutes.

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Need a Xiaomi repair? From a Xiaomi screen repair and replacing your battery, to a charging port repair. Stop by for a phone repair at ThePhoneLab in Amsterdam.

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30-minute service

ThePhoneLab makes it lightning-fast, usually within 30 minutes. Did you come by appointment and are we unable to repair your phone, tablet, or laptop within the agreed time? Then you will immediately receive a € 10,- discount on the repair. You can always keep us to this promise! Read the terms and conditions of the 30-minute service promise here.

iPhone screens lowest price guarantee

ThePhoneLab makes it for the lowest price. We do everything we can to make the repair of your iPhone as affordable as possible. In this, we go one step further than other repair brands. We keep a close eye on the market prices and the prices of our competitors. We make sure that we are the cheapest with compatible iPhone screens in the cities in which we operate. Do you find cheaper prices somewhere else? Then we’ll compensate you for the difference. Read the terms and conditions of the iPhone screens lowest price guarantee here.

Lifetime warranty

ThePhoneLab makes it with a lifetime warranty. We are sure of our business and service: our trained specialists work with high quality and original parts. Therefore, we always offer a lifetime warranty on the function of the repair. Read the terms and conditions of the lifetime warranty here.

No cure, no pay

ThePhoneLab makes it or not. Our specialists will do everything they can to get you outside with a smile and a repaired device. Not sure what’s wrong with your device? You can always come by for a free diagnosis. It may happen that we are not able to repair your device and make it work again. We regret this, but every disadvantage has its advantage; you do not have to pay. ThePhoneLab makes it or not, on a no cure, no pay’ basis. You only pay when you walk out the door with a repaired device (and a smile). Fair enough. Read the no cure, no pay conditions here.

Sure of your data

ThePhoneLab makes it in a certain way, that you are sure of your data. Unlike many other parties, we don’t have to remove your precious data from your device before we get started with a repair. Therefore you do not have to worry about annoying things like restoring your device or making a backup. Everything is still exactly where you left it. Nice and easy! Read the conditions for a repair with the certainty of your data here.

About the store

ThePhoneLab is specialized in mobile phone repairs, tablet repairs, and laptop repairs. You are always welcome at ThePhoneLab, with or without an appointment. The great thing about ThePhoneLab’s service is that we have fixed your device often within 30 minutes. You can drop by for a screen repair, battery replacement, camera repair, back cover replacement, and much more. In addition, our specialists are not only trained in repairing your cell phone but also know everything there is to know about hardware and software and protection and prevention. So you can also come to ThePhoneLab for a phone case, screen protectors, charging cables, and a phone cord. 

You can come to ThePhoneLab for iPhone repair, Samsung repair, OnePlus repair, OPPO repair, and Huawei repair. Is your brand not listed here? View all repairs here. Our specialists are happy to help you with any problem with your device. In addition, at ThePhoneLab we strive for the highest possible quality of the repair. We work with original parts and specifically selected refurbished parts. Quality is important to us and that is why we offer you a lifetime warranty on the function of the replaced part. Whether you have had your screen repaired, or your battery or camera. Warranty applies to all types of repairs. However, this excludes fall-, impact-, pressure-, water- and visible user damage.

ThePhoneLab makes it and is there for you if you experience problems with your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Visit our store on the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam today. You are of course also welcome in our other stores in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Alkmaar, and Den Haag.

OnePlus Authorized service provider

Discover the benefits of an official OnePlus repair here

Apple Independent Repair Provider

Discover the benefits of genuine Apple parts here

OPPO Authorized service provider

Discover the benefits of an official OPPO repair here

About our services

At ThePhoneLab, we understand like no other how annoying it is to be offline in the online world. Nowadays everything is on our electronic devices, like your cell phone, tablet, or laptop, and we can no longer do without them. That is why we usually repair and replace your device within 30 minutes. It is also possible that you do not know exactly what is wrong with your device. Are there stripes or spots on your screen? Or is your camera no longer working? Then we can also carry out a diagnosis that is free of charge and without any obligation. One of our specialists will carefully examine your device and will check if your cell phone, tablet, or laptop can be fixed. They are often able to tell you what’s wrong with your device within 30 minutes. You are never obliged to proceed to possible repair after this. 

We also understand that you do not always have time to visit one of our stores for a cell phone, tablet, or laptop repair. Therefore, we offer two remote services, especially for our customers. You can use our mail-in service or our pick-up and delivery service in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Alkmaar, and Den Haag. 

Besides service and fast repair, we also value quality at ThePhoneLab. ThePhoneLab is authorized by Apple, OnePlus, and OPPO which means we can perform repairs with original parts and have access to the diagnostic software. In addition, our specialists have taken a course which means they are trained to guarantee the high quality of the repair. This way the repair also meets the quality requirements of Apple, OnePlus, and OPPO. Even when repairing a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop of another manufacturer, our specialists strive for the highest quality and do their best to make the repair successful.  Is the repair not successful? Then you don’t have to pay. ThePhoneLab makes it based on No cure, no pay.

Visit us now at ThePhoneLab on the van Marnixstraat in Amsterdam. All our specialists will be happy to help you. You can also visit one of our other stores in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Alkmaar, and Den Haag.

About the Marnixstraat

The Marnixstraat is located in the city center district and along the Jordaan. The Marnixstraat lies between the Haarlemmerplein and the Leidseplein. That is why you are so close to nightlife, places to go out, eat, and the DeLaMar theatre.

Come by for your repair, today

ThePhoneLab Amsterdam - De Jordaan

Marnixstraat 253H, 1015 WH

telefoonnummer 020 223 60 38

mobiel 06 41 42 29 91

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