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Sure of your data

ThePhoneLab makes it in a certain way, that you are sure of your data. Unlike many other parties, we don't have to remove your precious data from your device before we get started with a repair. Therefore you do not have to worry about annoying things like restoring your device or making a backup. Everything is still exactly where you left it. Nice and easy! Read the conditions for a repair with the certainty of your data below.

Your phone, tablet or laptop is full of data. All those thousands of photos, videos, contacts, reports and files. Every form of data is extremely valuable to everyone and behind every file, there is its own story. Therefore, we should not think about losing this data after a repair. We understand this like no other and that is why ThePhoneLab makes it so you can be sure of your data. Once we start a repair we never have to remove this valuable data from your device. The big advantage of this is that you don't have to back up your device before a repair. We do recommend that you periodically make a backup of the data on the device. After all, saving is always better than losing ;-). 

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At ThePhoneLab, we handle data on your device with care. We take all security and privacy rules into account. In most cases, we can start your repair without touching the data on your device. In some cases, it is necessary to secure the data on your device. In that case, we are forced to perform the repair in the test menu. For this, we need to unlock your device. In that case, we ask whether you can (temporarily) disable your access code or give it to us. Under no circumstances we will view the data on your device and your device and data will never be used for other pre-agreed purposes. Likewise, your access code will never be stored in our system. Furthermore, under certain circumstances, we can perform a repair without access to the device. Then we will test the functioning of the replaced part together with you. Finally, it is even possible for business users to sign an NDA that guarantees their data security.

The big advantage of a repair with data certainty is that you are not required to make a backup of your data before the repair, even restoring it. Unfortunately, with some repairs, it is unavoidable that you will need to back up your data to avoid losing important data. An example is an Apple iPhone housing repair since we also replace your motherboard which stores your data. Of course, you will be informed in advance by our specialists in the store. Do you have trouble making a backup? Then we are happy to help you with this! 

Do you have a serious software problem that prevents your device from starting up - such as a boot loop on your iPhone? Unfortunately, we are then often forced to reinstall the software in its entirety. This can have consequences for the data on your device. We, therefore, recommend that you periodically (automatically) make backups of your important data. This also ensures that in case of loss or theft of your device, you do not have any extra worries or damage in the form of lost data.

Other terms and conditions

  1. ThePhoneLab will do its very best to prevent the loss of personal data at all times. However, there are exceptional situations where data loss is unavoidable or occurs due to unforeseen circumstances. ThePhoneLab is not liable for the loss of any or complete data. 
  2. By providing the access code or handing in your device without an access code, you agree to use your access code or device without an access code for testing purposes. Your device or access code will never be used for any purpose other than those previously discussed.
  3. Your access code will be noted in a special field in our repair management software. Your access code will be irrevocably deleted after repair. 
  4. If you use our data transfer service we will always try to migrate your data directly at all times. In some situations, it is necessary to use a data carrier or migration computer to perform the data transfer. In this situation, the data must be temporarily stored on this data carrier or migration computer. After completing the data transfer, the data will be deleted. 
  5. ThePhoneLab will never transfer your data to third parties. Even when your repair is an official OPPO, OnePlus or Apple repair, your access code or data will never be shared with these parties. 

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