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A broken or malfunctioning smartphone, tablet, or laptop is annoying enough on its own. That is why we want to solve this problem for you as quickly, easily, and carefree as possible. ThePhoneLab fixes it. And onwards!

Our specialists will repair your device in no time and want every customer to leave our store with a smile. Because customer satisfaction is our top priority, we promise you something that you, as a customer, can always keep to us. These are the 5 promises of ThePhoneLab:

1. 30-minute service

ThePhoneLab fixes it lightning-fast, usually within 30 minutes. Did you come by appointment and are we unable to repair your phone, tablet, or laptop within the agreed time? Then you will immediately receive a € 10,- discount on the repair. You can always keep us to this promise! Read the terms and conditions of the 30-minute service promise here.

2. iPhone screens lowest prices guarantee

ThePhoneLab fixes it for the lowest price. We do everything we can to make the repair of your iPhone as affordable as possible. In this, we go one step further than other repair brands. We keep a close eye on the market prices and the prices of our competitors. We make sure that we are the cheapest with compatible iPhone screens in the cities in which we operate. Do you find cheaper prices somewhere else? Then we’ll compensate you for the difference. Read the terms and conditions of the iPhone screens lowest price guarantee here.

3. Lifetime warranty

ThePhoneLab fixes it with a lifetime warranty. We know our business and service: our trained specialists work with high-quality, original parts. Therefore, we always offer a lifetime warranty on the repair function. Read the terms and conditions of the lifetime warranty here.

4. No cure, no pay

ThePhoneLab fixes it or not. Our specialists will do everything they can to get you outside with a smile and a repaired device. Not sure what's wrong with your device? You can always come by for a free diagnosis. It may happen that we are not able to repair your device and make it work again. We regret this, but every disadvantage has its advantage; you do not have to pay. ThePhoneLab makes it or not, on a no cure, no pay’ basis. You only pay when you walk out the door with a repaired device (and a smile). Fair enough. Read the no cure, no pay conditions here.

Sure of your data

ThePhoneLab fixes it in a certain way so you are sure of your data. Unlike many other parties, we don't have to remove your precious data from your device before we get started with a repair. Therefore you do not have to worry about annoying things like restoring your device or making a backup. Everything is still exactly where you left it. Nice and easy! Read the conditions for a repair with the certainty of your data here.