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We are an independent Repair Provider of Apple!

ThePhoneLab is authorized by Apple as an Independent Repair Provider. This program allows us to repair Apple smartphones on the spot with original parts. Unlike Apple, we often do this within 60 minutes! We offer this option for screen repairs for the iPhone X and newer. For battery repairs, this is for the iPhone 7 and newer.

Do you want to have an original Apple part installed? Make sure your Find My iPhone feature is turned off. Otherwise, our specialists will not be able to get started with your repair. Read here how to do this for a working device.

In addition to Independent Repair Providers (IRP), there are also Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP). These parties may only repair with original Apple parts and can only ‘swap’ the device in the event of a problem, other than with the screen and the battery. This often costs more money than the device is worth.

Fortunately, with us you also have a choice of compatible parts, not original but the highest possible quality and a much lower price. We can also replace all loose parts such as the camera, camera glass, charging port, (ear) speaker, etc. If your repair is not explicitly stated that it is an original Apple part, you can assume that this is a compatible part. Of course of the highest quality.

Is your Apple device broken? Discover the benefits of an Apple repair at ThePhoneLab here:

The benefits of an Apple repair at ThePhoneLab
Use of original Apple parts, Apple software and compatible parts

We have original Apple parts as well as the highest quality compatible parts. We also have access to Apple’s diagnostic software. With a certified repair, we perform official diagnostic tests – both before and after the repair. Therefore, we will get your iPhone back in it’s best condition.

Certified repair with retention of manufacturer's warranty

Does your Apple smartphone break within the manufacturer’s warranty period? Then you keep your factory warranty even after a certified repair. You will also always receive a six-month warranty on the functioning of the replaced part. Even if the manufacturer’s warranty expires within these six months. So this is longer than Apple’s original warranty period.

Always the fastest service

Because we are an independent Apple service provider, we can start your repair – by appointment – immediately.

The best price

You never pay too match for an Apple repair at ThePhoneLab. We take over the prices from Apple and the compatible parts always have the lowest price. You pay the best price for a high quality repair.

Lifetime warranty on the replaced part

We are confident: we work with original and the highest quality compatible parts. Our specialists are also trained by Apple and are constantly updating their knowledge about these devices. That is why you receive a lifetime warranty on the functioning of the replaced part.

We work with expert specialists

Our specialists have undergone training at Apple and are certified by Apple. They carry out the repairs with Apple’s tools. In this way, the repairs are carried out according to their guidelines. Therefore, you can assume that your repair meets Apple’s quality requirements.

Frequently asked questions

  • Your parts can be compatible. What does that mean?

    This means that your device will only be repaired with parts that are not original but meet the highest possible quality requirements. For iPhone screens and iPhone batteries we offer original parts from Apple; because we are an independent Apple service provider.

  • What should I do if I choose a repair with an original part?
  • My device is defective without physical damage and is within warranty. Do you also handle warranty issues for Apple?
  • How do I find out if I still have manufacturer's warranty?
  • Why is it beneficial that you have access to Apple's diagnostic software and tools?
  • I don't live near any of your stores. How can I have my Apple smartphone repaired by ThePhoneLab?
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