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ASUS repair at ThePhoneLab

Has your ASUS laptop not been working optimally for a while or is your laptop broken? Then you want to get your ASUS fixed quickly. At ThePhoneLab, we understand that very well. You can come to us for a quick repair that you can easily schedule online. Many people are afraid that for a fast and good repair service they will have to pay the highest price. This is not the case at ThePhoneLab. We are transparent about the costs, because we always tell you beforehand what the repair of your ASUS will cost. As a result, there are no surprises, which is nice!

The different types of ASUS repairs

Getting your ASUS repaired quickly is one thing, if the repair service is fast in addition to that, of course, that’s extra nice. We can do most repairs for you within 3-5 days. In addition, you can also contact our specialists for a ASUS repair if you do not know what is wrong with your device. You then schedule a “diagnostic” appointment with us. Our laptop experts will then figure out what’s going on with your ASUS. After this, they tell you their findings and you decide whether to proceed with a repair. A nice touch is that this diagnosis is free.

The most common ASUS repairs include: a screen repair, charging port repair, keyboard repair, battery replacement or water damage cleaning. Did your ASUS suffer water damage? Then come see us as soon as possible. In most cases, we can then repair the damage very quickly. The longer you wait, the worse the damage can get.

Choose convenience

With ThePhoneLab’s laptop repair service, you choose speed, quality and professionalism without paying top dollar. You’ll receive expert advice from us, and we perform most laptop repairs within 3-5 days.

Your benefits of a laptop repair at ThePhoneLab
Stop by directly or make an appointment online

Everyone is welcome to join ThePhoneLab! Whether you have an appointment or not. Good to know, though: customers with appointments have priority over those without.

Lifetime warranty

You will receive a standard lifetime warranty on the operation of the replaced laptop part. Read the terms and conditions here.

The Service you've come to expect from ThePhoneLab

The quality, speed and price of ThePhoneLab as you have been used to for years with your phone, tablet or MacBook now also for your Windows laptop!

Highly experienced laptop repair technicians

Your repair will be performed by highly experienced specialists. Each year they perform thousands of repairs per person.

Expertise of specialists

Our specialists are trained by Apple, OPPO and OnePlus. In addition, they continuously learn in our own ThePhoneLab Academy. They use their expertise to perform each repair perfectly to the highest quality standards.

Does the repair fail? Then you don't have to pay

We work by the no cure, no pay method. This promise applies to all our repairs except water damage repairs.

ThePhoneLab for all your smartphone, tablet and laptop repairs

We don’t like repair services where you lose your phone, tablet or laptop for weeks and then receive a high bill. That’s why ThePhoneLab lets you schedule your appointment online at one of our locations. Choose convenience with ThePhoneLab. We hope to see you in one of our ThePhoneLab stores soon!

What ASUS models do you repair?

ThePhoneLab performs repairs for most ASUS laptops. Below is an overview of the most common models.

  • Asus A Series
  • Asus B Series
  • Asus C Series
  • Asus Chromebook
  • Asus D Series
  • Asus E Series
  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer
  • Asus Eee PC
  • Asus Eee Slate
  • Asus EeeBook
  • Asus EeeTop
  • Asus ExpertBook
  • Asus F Series
  • Asus G Series
  • Asus J Series
  • Asus K Series
  • Asus L Series
  • Asus M Series
  • Asus N Series
  • Asus P Series
  • Asus PL Series
  • Asus PRO Series
  • Asus ProArt
  • Asus PT Series
  • Asus PU Series
  • Asus Q Series
  • Asus R Series
  • Asus ROG
  • Asus S Series
  • Asus T Series
  • Asus TAICHI Series
  • Asus TM Series
  • Asus TP Series
  • Asus Transformer
  • Asus TRSA Series
  • Asus TUF
  • Asus U Series
  • Asus UL Series
  • Asus UM Series
  • Asus UX Series
  • Asus V Series
  • Asus Vivo AiO
  • Asus VivoBook
  • Asus VivoMini PC
  • Asus VivoTab
  • Asus VivoTab Smart
  • Asus VM Series
  • Asus W Series
  • Asus X Series
  • Asus Y Series
  • Asus Z Series
  • Asus Zen AiO
  • Asus Zenbook
  • Asus Zenbook Duo
  • Asus Zenbook Flip
  • Asus Zenbook Fold Series
  • Asus Zenbook Pro
  • Asus ZenPad

Don’t see your ASUS listed here? Or don’t know which ASUS laptop you have? Contact our specialists or stop by 1 of our stores!