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MacBook repair at ThePhoneLab

Nothing is more annoying than a MacBook that is not functioning properly. At ThePhoneLab, our specialists are ready to perform a quick MacBook repair. They can, among other things, replace your screen during a screen repair, repair your trackpad and keyboard, but also easily replace your battery.

We don’t turn our backs on anything. That is great for you as a customer, because it means that we can often carry out the MacBook repair within 72 hours. That is fast service that makes everyone happy. You can contact us for a MacBook repair in Amsterdam, a MacBook repair in Utrecht or a MacBook repair in Haarlem, Alkmaar or The Hague.

Go for speed and convenience

At ThePhoneLab you can easily make an appointment for a MacBook repair via the website. This way you are assured of our 72-hour service. You can visit one of our locations with your MacBook for repair. Are you unable to come by? We also offer a Pick-up & Delivery service in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Alkmaar and The Hague. We will pick up your MacBook at a location of your choice and, in most cases, return it repaired after 72 hours. You can also choose to use our mail-in service.

Of course you are also welcome for a MacBook repair without an appointment. Our specialists will do their utmost but cannot guarantee our fast service. You will always be kept informed if we cannot carry out the repair within our 72 hours timeframe.

Warranty on your MacBook repair

ThePhoneLab employs expert specialists who continuously update their knowledge. In addition, we have long experience in carrying out repairs and we do 10,000+ repairs per year. That is why we are confident! For that reason, you get a 6-month warranty on the functioning of the replaced part on your MacBook repair. Our specialists use the highest quality, compatible parts. Does the part no longer function properly within 6 months? Then we will repair this for you free of charge. Fall, impact, pressure and water damage are not covered by our warranty scheme.

Curious about where you can have your MacBook repaired?

You are always welcome at one of our locations. Click on the map for more information about your preferred location.

ThePhoneLab - Potterstraat 4

Potterstraat 4, 3512 TA Utrecht

Route 030 737 08 72

ThePhoneLab - Van Woustraat 190D

Van Woustraat 190D, 1073 LZ Amsterdam - Van Woustraat

Route 020 737 32 31

ThePhoneLab - Marnixstraat 253H

Marnixstraat 253H, 1015 WH Amsterdam - Marnixstraat

Route 020 223 60 38

ThePhoneLab - Beethovenstraat 94hs

Beethovenstraat 94hs, 1077 JN Amsterdam - Beethovenstraat

Route 020 737 29 42

ThePhoneLab - Kennemerstraatweg 104

Kennemerstraatweg 104, 1815 LC Alkmaar

Route 072 220 51 89

ThePhoneLab - Grote Houtstraat 162

Grote Houtstraat 162, 2011 SZ Haarlem

Route 023 737 03 85

ThePhoneLab - Frederik Hendriklaan 142A

Frederik Hendriklaan 142A, 2582 BH Den Haag - Frederik Hendriklaan

Route 070 221 17 00

ThePhoneLab - Denneweg 186

Denneweg 186, 2514CM Den Haag - Denneweg

Route 070 217 00 98

Other repairs at ThePhoneLab

Do you have no idea what’s wrong with your MacBook, but you can’t get it to work anymore? Even then our specialists are ready for you. They will perform a diagnosis, after which they will find out your problem. After this, you are never obliged to repair your MacBook. After the diagnosis, you will be contacted and you will ultimately decide whether the MacBook repair is carried out. This diagnosis is a service we offer for free.

Do you own another Apple product? Even then you can have a repair carried out. At ThePhoneLab we also carry out repairs for an iPhone or iPad. Do you have a different brand of device? And is it in need of repair? We also repair devices from brands such as: Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei and Sony. View here which other brands we also repair.