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iPhone repair The Hague

Is your iPhone broken? Or is it no longer working properly?  That’s annoying! At ThePhoneLab we usually carry out an iPhone repair in The Hague within 30 minutes. Our 40 trained specialists perform various iPhone repairs in The Hague, such as: a screen repair, a camera repair or replacing your battery.

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Fast iPhone repair in The Hague

most repairs are done within 30 minutes. However, it is much more than just a quick iPhone repair in The Hague. Our iPhone specialists in The Hague are well trained and check every iPhone carefully. They use the highest quality parts. For a screen repair  or battery replacement, you can choose between an original part or a compatible part. An original part is manufactured by Apple and is identical to the part that your new iPhone came with. A compatible part is of comparable quality, but not from Apple itself. This allows us to offer it for a lower price. Other repairs (so no screen repairs or battery replacements) are always carried out with compatible parts.

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6 months warranty on your iPhone repair in The Hague

At ThePhoneLab we are sure of our business. We work with expert specialists and the highest quality compatible parts or for your iPhone screen or iPhone battery repair in The Hague, original parts.  That is why you receive a standard 6-month warranty on the functioning of the replaced part. Fall, impact, pressure, or water damage is excluded from this warranty scheme.

The Pick up and delivery service

We understand that not everyone has got time to visit our stores during opening hours. Therefore, we are proud to present to you our Pick-up & Delivery service for an iPhone repair in The Hague. Within four hours, we pick up your device, fix it at one of our stores and deliver it back to your desired location. Be aware: we do not offer our pick-up & delivery service in the whole center. You can check over here if you are able to plan this service.

Do you prefer to come by yourself? That is of course always possible. You don’t always have to make an appointment, but in that case, you are not assured of our fast service. Making an appointment online can make it a lot easier and faster. Stop walking around with your broken screen, broken battery, or water-damaged iPhone. Your device is ready while you wait!

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iPhone repairs in The Hague en others

Is your iPhone no longer working? but you don’t know why. Our specialists are able to do a diagnose. within 30 minutes they can tell you your problem. After that, you may decide if you would like to have your iPhone repaired. Our most common iPhone repairs in The Hague are: a screen repair, battery repair and dock connector repair.

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Don’t own an Apple phone? No problem! Our specialists also carry out OPPO repairs in the Hague, OnePlus repairs and Samsung repairs.