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iPhone screens lowest price guarantee

ThePhoneLab makes it for the lowest price. We do everything we can to make the repair of your iPhone as affordable as possible. In this, we go one step further than other repair brands. We keep a close eye on the market prices and the prices of our competitors. We make sure that we are the cheapest with compatible iPhone screens in the cities in which we operate. Do you find cheaper prices somewhere else? Then we’ll compensate you for the difference. Read the terms and conditions of the iPhone screens lowest price guarantee below.

Good service is also possible for a competitive price. ThePhoneLab is constantly alert to quality, costs, and prices of parts, so we can offer the best service and highest quality, at the lowest price. Also nice for the wallet of course ;-). 

When it comes to repairing iPhone screens we go one step further than other repair shops. To help you as a customer as well as possible, we usually offer three different iPhone screens; an original Apple screen, a screen of ThePhoneLab, and a compatible iPhone screen. The compatible iPhone screen is a screen that is carefully selected from third parties and meets strict quality requirements. 

The lowest price guarantee applies only to compatible iPhone screens of the same quality. It is good to know that there are both OLED screens and LCD screens. The OLED screens offer the highest quality screen technology which results in better colour reproduction, higher brightness and lower battery consumption.. Therefore, starting with the iPhone X, ThePhoneLab offers all compatible screens with OLED quality. However, the iPhone Xr and iPhone 11 originally have LCD screens, so we can only provide compatible LCD screens here. There are other suppliers in the market that offer LCD screens for all iPhone types, but the quality of these screens is not sufficient from ThePhoneLab's perspective. Since we always want to provide the highest quality parts for the lowest price, we have chosen to offer OLED screens whenever possible.

Do you find the same type of quality screen cheaper elsewhere in the cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Alkmaar or Den Haag? Then we’ll compensate you for the difference! The price difference only applies to repairs that still need to be carried out or repairs carried out in the last 14 days by ThePhoneLab. ThePhoneLab makes it for the lowest price.

Did you find the compatible iPhone screen cheaper elsewhere? Follow the steps below and ThePhoneLab will make it for you for the lowest price. 

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the price difference. Please indicate if your phone still needs to be repaired or if the phone was repaired by ThePhoneLab in the past 14 days.
  2. Does your iPhone screen still need to be repaired? Then we will make sure you get the repair for the lowest price. 
  3. Have you had your phone repaired by ThePhoneLab within the last 14 days and found the screen cheaper elsewhere? Then we will refund the price difference.
  4. We insist that our compatible iPhone screens are always priced €5 lower than the iPhone compatible screens of our competitors

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