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iPhone 6 Homebutton Repair
Costs 40
Repair duration 30 minutes

iPhone 6 Homebutton Repair

Asset 9
Costs 40,00
Repair duration 30 minutes
Asset 9

Nothing is more annoying than a iPhone 6 with broken home button. Good news: we can fix this for you with a iPhone 6 homebutton repair.

Do you suffer from a finger scan function that no longer works? Unfortunately we cannot fix this (not even by replacing the iPhone 6 home button).

When is it time to have your iPhone 6 home button repaired?
  • 1The iPhone 6 homebutton does not respond or responds badly to touch.
  • 2The iPhone 6 home button falters and responds by itself.
  • 3The home button is no longer present on your iPhone 6.

Frequently asked questions about iPhone 6 homebutton repair.

  • Are you going to replace my iPhone 6 home button or can you repair it?

    We will normally replace your iPhone 6 home button but we will always check during the diagnosis if we can solve your problem free of charge.

  • You offer a lifetime warranty on a iPhone 6 home button repair. What is covered during this warranty period?

Curious about where you can have your iPhone 6 homebutton repaired?

You can always visit one of our stores. Click on the map for more information about your store!

ThePhoneLab - Utrecht - Centrum

Utrecht - Centrum, Potterstraat 4, 3512 TA

030 737 08 72

ThePhoneLab - Amsterdam - Zuid

Amsterdam - Zuid, Beethovenstraat 94, 1077 JN

020 737 29 42

ThePhoneLab - Amsterdam - De Jordaan

Amsterdam - De Jordaan, Marnixstraat 253, 1015 WH

020 223 60 38

ThePhoneLab - Amsterdam - De Pijp

Amsterdam - De Pijp, Van Woustraat 190, 1073 LZ

020 737 32 31

ThePhoneLab - Haarlem - Centrum

Haarlem - Centrum, Grote Houtstraat 162, 2011 SZ

023 737 03 85

ThePhoneLab - Amsterdam - Sloterdijk (bij BOB's Autowas)

Amsterdam - Sloterdijk (bij BOB's Autowas), Transformatorweg 37, 1014 AJ

020 244 19 10

ThePhoneLab - Alkmaar

Alkmaar, Kennemerstraatweg 104, 1815LC

072 220 51 89

Striving for the perfect customer experience.
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Drop by with your iPhone 6 or make an appointment online.

Good to know: customers with an appointment have priority over customers without an appointment.

Hand in your iPhone 6 at the counter to have your iPhone 6 homebutton repaired.

Your iPhone 6 is in good hands with us.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and wait until your iPhone 6 is fixed.

Grab the newspaper on our reading table or use your laptop and our wi-fi.

Your home button repair is ready within 30 minutes!

Our specialists ensure that you will walk out with a smile. Promised!