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OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Repair
Costs 142
Repair duration 180 minutes
Pay attention! This repair takes longer than 30 minutes

OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Repair

Costs 142,00
Repair duration 180 minutes
Pay attention! This repair takes longer than 30 minutes

Does your OnePlus 8 Pro camera no longer work? That sucks. At ThePhoneLab, we understand better than anyone that you want to put your OnePlus 8 Pro back into use quickly, and in addition to a speedy repair, we ensure that we always work with original parts. We perform a OnePlus 8 Pro camera repair within 30 minutes!

When is it time to have my OnePlus 8 Pro camera repaired?
  • 1You have a black screen when opening your %product name% camera.
  • 2Your flash no longer works, this could be connected to your camera.
  • 3Your camera no longer focuses.
  • 4Your %product name% screen shows a blur while taking pictures.
  • 5The screen moves in a weird way when you open your camera.

Frequently asked questions about OnePlus 8 Pro camera repair.

  • My OnePlus 8 Pro camera has stopped working. Is it possible that this can be solved free of charge?

    Occasionally, that’s why it’s always good to drop by the store to have one of our specialists check it out. You can simply schedule an appointment for this on this page. Making an appointment is free of charge. We always clearly indicate in advance whether costs will be incurred and how much!

  • My camera glass is broken. Can you fix this as well?
  • You offer a lifetime warranty on a OnePlus 8 Pro camera repair. What is covered during this warranty period?

Curious about where you can have your OnePlus 8 Pro camera repaired?

You can always visit one of our stores. Click on the map for more information about your store!

ThePhoneLab - Potterstraat 4

Potterstraat 4, 3512 TA Utrecht - Centrum

030 737 08 72

ThePhoneLab - Van Woustraat 190

Van Woustraat 190, 1073 LZ Amsterdam - De Pijp

020 737 32 31

ThePhoneLab - Marnixstraat 253

Marnixstraat 253, 1015 WH Amsterdam - De Jordaan

020 223 60 38

ThePhoneLab - Beethovenstraat 94

Beethovenstraat 94, 1077 JN Amsterdam - Zuid

020 737 29 42

ThePhoneLab - Kennemerstraatweg 104

Kennemerstraatweg 104, 1815 LC Alkmaar

072 220 51 89

ThePhoneLab - Grote Houtstraat 162

Grote Houtstraat 162, 2011 SZ Haarlem - Centrum

023 737 03 85

ThePhoneLab - Frederik Hendriklaan 142A

Frederik Hendriklaan 142A, 2582 BH Den Haag - De Fred

070 221 1700

Striving for the perfect customer experience.
Drop by with your OnePlus 8 Pro or make an appointment online

Good to know: customers with an appointment have priority over customers without an appointment.

Hand in your OnePlus 8 Pro at the counter for a camera repair.

Your OnePlus 8 Pro is in good hands with us

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and wait until your OnePlus 8 Pro is fixed.

Grab the newspaper on our reading table or use your laptop and our wi-fi.

Your OnePlus 8 Pro camera will be replaced within 30 minutes!

Our repairmen ensure that you will walk out with a smile. Promised!