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Super annoying, you wake up and see that your Samsung phone battery is not charged. Of course, if your Samsung is not charging, you can’t use it either. Nowadays, we use our Samsung for everything, which is why we need to make sure your Samsung recharges quickly. Fortunately, this can be easily solved in some cases. In this blog, we cover step by step what could be a reason your Samsung is not charging. Here, we address the following points:

  • Samsung not charging? Check the power supply!
  • Samsung no longer charges due to dust in charging port
  • Use original charger
  • Samsung not charging after update
  • Samsung warning when charging
  • Samsung not charging due to broken battery

Samsung not charging? Check the adapter, charging cable or power supply

Your Samsung is not charging? Then it is important to check the power supply, such as the adapter or charging cable. The first thought is often that your Samsung is not charging because the battery is broken. However, we always recommend checking the power supply first. Since this problem is not always visible, test it by using a different adapter and/or charging cable. By following these steps, you rule out the possibility that the problem is caused by the power supply.

Pro tip: Sometimes the solution is to simply try a different outlet.

Samsung no longer charges due to dust in charging port

If your Samsung won’t charge, it could be that there is dust in your charging port. In that case, the dust causes your samsung phone to not want to charge. Fortunately, dust removal is not higher math. However, it is important for you to be meticulous. Use tweezers or other thin object for this purpose. By being heavy-handed in removing the dust, you may permanently damage the charging port and your Samsung’s charging port will break. Would you rather not clean your Samsung phone’s charging port yourself? Then stop by ThePhoneLab! We will give your phone a free APK where the charging port will be completely cleaned again. If you want more information about dust in your phone read the blog: what does dust do to my smartphone?

Use original charger

A charger often fails a lot faster than the phone itself. It goes without saying then that without a working charger, your Samsung battery won’t charge either. When buying a new charger, it is important that you do not buy a cheap charger. By buying a cheap charger, you jeopardize the life of your Samsung. A cheaper charger does make sure your Samsung recharges, but sometimes lacks a chip that ensures the safety of your phone. As a result, your Samsung battery may overcharge or receive excessive voltages. When buying a charger, check that it is certified to prevent damage to your Samsung.

samsung does not charge

Samsung not charging after update

Samsung not charging after update? That’s annoying! Since Samsung released a new update, your Samsung phone is suddenly showing problems with battery charging. Because the problem is on the inside of the phone, it is difficult to say directly where the problem is coming from. Therefore, we recommend that you always contact a telephone specialist. At ThePhoneLab, our specialists are ready to think with you. Our specialists can also conduct a free examination of the problem you are experiencing. After this, they always tell you their findings and you are never obliged to proceed with a Samsung repair.

Samsung warning when charging

Does a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark appear on your Samsung image after you put your Samsung phone on the charger? That’s annoying. Your Samsung gives a warning when charging, but what does this yellow triangle mean? In many cases, this triangle alerts you that moisture, dust or dirt has been detected in the charging port. If the device senses that any of these three factors are present in the charging port, your Samsung phone can disable charging. If this warning occurs, immediately remove the charger from the device. The moment there is actually water in the charging port and you charge the device, it can cause damage to the charging port and the entire device.

Does your Samsung give a warning when charging? And do you see a yellow triangle on your Samsung screen? Then it is wise to clean the charging port. You can do this yourself with thin tweezers or stop by a specialist, such as ThePhoneLab. We do this for you free of charge. In doing so, also rule out that the warning when charging your Samsung does not occur due to a system error. Go to Settings > Apps > USB Settings > Storage > Empty Cache. After this, the warning and yellow triangle when charging your Samsung phone should be gone. Is that not the case? Then stop by for a free examination.

Samsung not charging due to broken battery

Following the global recall of the Samsung Note 7, Samsung installed a temperature and humidity sensor on the battery. By doing so, the brand prevents models from exploding again. The sensor can interrupt the charging of your Samsung. The phone does this if the battery gets too hot or detects moisture. Unfortunately, these sensors also cause problems. If the sensor is faulty, your Samsung thinks it is overheating when it is not. This is very annoying and prevents you from charging your Samsung. In other cases, the battery life is at its end and therefore the Samsung shows charging problems.

Want to know more about what it means to replace your samsung battery? Go to this page: Samsung battery replacement.

Samsung charging port repair

Your Samsung is not charging and this problem is still not fixed after reading this blog? Then probably your Samsung’s charging port is broken or your Samsung battery is in need of replacement. In these cases, it is important that you go to a professional repair shop (for example, ThePhoneLab –
look here for a store near you
). At ThePhoneLab, we do a diagnostic to find out why the charging port or battery has stopped working. A diagnosis is always free of charge. After this you are not obliged to move on to repair, but of course you can!