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Have you ever thought about all the dust living in your smartphone? You take your phone everywhere, put it in the pocket of your jeans or in your bag. All these hiding spots are big dust collectors and yes, your phone inhales all of it. What might not come as a surprise, is that your phone does not like all the dust that it’s inhaling. So making sure your phone is dust free is quite important. In this blog we will cover the following issues.

  • Dust in the plug / connector: my phone doesn’t charge anymore
  • Dust in the iPhone speaker / dust in microphone
  • It’s everywhere! Dust in volume button or mute button
  • The solution: a profesional dust cleanse

Dust in the plug / connector: my phone doesn’t charge anymore

This might just be the most common problem when it comes to dust in your phone. How to recognize  if it’s the dust that stops your phone from charging: 

  • When taking your charger out of your phone, the cable doesn’t pull out smoothly.
  • You have to hold the charger in a certain position for it to actually charge.
  • When your phone is finally charging, the cable falls out easily.

You might also recognize this problem when there is space left between the plastic part of the charger and the housing of the actual phone when the charging cable is inserted. After cleaning the charging port of your phone your charging cable should correctly connect to your phone again.

Dust in the speaker or dust in the microphone

Dust can’t resist the urge to hide in tiny places, therefore the tiny holes in the microphone and speaker of your phone are the perfect place for the dust to hide. When you are on the phone with someone and find that you can’t hear with the other person is saying as good as before. Or worse, you can only tell what the person is saying when you put the phone on speaker we can conclude the dust has found it’s way in your phone’s speaker and is blocking the sound from coming out. Also if people have a hard time understanding you when making a phone call, dust usually is the bad guy.

How do I recognize this problem? 

If you take a look at your phone’s speaker and microphone and you notice that the color is not black but rather brown/yellowish, then this means there is dust in the speaker and/or microphone. With a simple cleanse this problem can be fixed easily!

It’s everywhere! Dust in the volume button or mute button

Imagine you are going in to a meeting and you want to mute your phone. You know how to switch the button on the side to “sound off”, but the button switches back to “sound on”. Super annoying, and the cause again is dust!  After cleaning the dust the little orange stripe is visible again and the mute button works as it should.

The inside of a dusty phone.

Solution? A profesional dust cleanse! 

All dust related problems are easily fixable with a profesional dust cleanse. In all of our stores we offer our customers a free check-up, meaning: our specialist check if your phone is working as it should and make sure to clean it from all dust. So feel free to walk in to any of our stores for a free check-up! 

Do you want to carefully give it a try yourself at home? You can try to clean the dust from your phone with a small and fine brush.