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OPPO A53s repair at ThePhoneLab

Is your OPPO A53s no longer working properly? Is your screen in need of a screen repair? Or does your battery need to be replaced? At ThePhoneLab, our specialists are ready to repair your OPPO keypad meticulously. Make an appointment online now and stop by one of our locations.

ThePhoneLab is an authorized repair partner of OPPO

At ThePhoneLab, we work with knowledgeable specialists trained by OPPO. In addition, they have 6 years of experience and our specialists perform 40,000+ repairs per year. Because we are an authorized repair partner of OPPO, we only use genuine parts. This assures you of a high quality OPPO repair. In addition, we provide a lifetime warranty on the performance of the replaced part after repairing your OPPO A53s. View all OPPO repairs here.

Your benefits of an OPPO repair at ThePhoneLab
Original parts and software

We use only genuine OPPO parts and can even replace your motherboard. We also have access to OPPO’s official software.

Convervation of manufacturer's warranty

Are you still entitled to a manufacturer’s warranty? Check that out here. You retain this right even after your repair.

Lifetime warranty

You will receive a standard lifetime warranty on the operation of the replaced part. Read the terms and conditions here.

The most competitive prices

You never pay too much for a repair with us because we use pricing from OPPO.

Highly experienced in OPPO repairs

Your repair will be performed by highly experienced specialists. Every year, they perform more than 1,000 OPPO repairs.

Expertise of specialists

Our specialists are trained by OPPO. They use their expertise to perform each repair perfectly according to OPPO standards.

We repair your OPPO A53s with genuine parts, yet you don’t have to pay top dollar for an OPPO repair at ThePhoneLab. This is because we adopt OPPO’s prices. Schedule an appointment online, where you can immediately see the cost of your repair. Plus, at ThePhoneLab, you get a standard lifetime warranty on the performance of the replaced part. Pressure, impact, fall and water damage are excluded from this warranty coverage. In addition, after an OPPO repair at ThePhoneLab, you simply retain your manufacturer’s warranty. Would you like to review all the benefits of an OPPO repair? Here you can find all benefits.

Choose convenience with ThePhoneLab

Are you unable to come by? Or do the times online not suit you? Then we have for you our send up service.

Other repairs at ThePhoneLab

Have no idea what’s wrong with your OPPO A53s? Then choose the diagnostics option. Our OPPO repair specialists will stop at nothing to investigate what is wrong with your device. After this, they will contact you and tell you their findings. You are never obligated to proceed with an OPPO repair after diagnosis. A nice touch is that the diagnosis is covered by our service and therefore free of charge :-).

In addition to an OPPO repair, you have also come to the right place at ThePhoneLab for a OnePlus repair, iPhone repair or Samsung repair . Is your brand not listed here? Then look here or contact one of our specialists. Our specialists do not shy away from a repair. From replacing your screen during a screen repair, to replacing your battery, repairing your connector and even resetting or updating your software. Choose quality, speed and convenience with ThePhoneLab. We look forward to seeing you at one of our Amsterdam branches, our Utrecht branch, our Haarlem branch or the Alkmaar branch.