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Do you have questions about your repair? Do you have a smartphone you don’t see in the lists? Don’t you know whats wrong with your phone? Read about frequently asked questions over here. If you questions has not been answered yet, feel free to contact us then!

Does ThePhoneLab work with original components?

ThePhoneLab works solely with original components, Unless these are unavailable. Apple does not sell these components; therefore we use original LCD screens with a new glass layer on top of it. This means you will get an original Apple LCD together with a new glass screen on top and therefore, the quality of your iPhone or iPad is guaranteed. Watch the video here for more information.

Do I have to make an appointment or can I also drop by at one of the stores?

You can always visit one of our stores, without making an appointment upfront. Nevertheless, customers who do make an appointment have priority in line. It is therefore recommended to make an appointment on our website.

What happens when I visit ThePhoneLab for a repair?

ThePhoneLab strives for repairs that last no more than half an hour. What you decide to do within those thirty minutes is up to you. You can go for a walk, do your groceries or enjoy a cup of freshly made tea or coffee at out store and make use of the free Wi-Fi and magazines.

The repair I am looking for is not on your list. Do you offer it?

We offer repairs on request, such as fixing your Wi-Fi signal, repairing your phone from water damage, and many more. Do not hesitate to visit us or to make a phone call to ask whatever you need to know.

My LCD is broken, but my screen is not. What should I do?

For us it is not importsnt which component is broken. In most occasions your LCD screen is glued to the glass surface and therefore, they are always repaired together. However, this does not hold for iPads. iPad LCD and upper screen repairs are distinct ones with this type of tablet.