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Google Pixel repair

Is your Google Pixel no longer working as it should, and are you looking for a Google Pixel repair? At ThePhoneLab you are at the right place! Our specialists are ready for you in one of our stores and are happy to help you with your Google Pixel repair. So feel free to pass by or make an appointment online.

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Why ThePhoneLab for my Google Pixel repair?

Are you still in doubt on where you want your Google Pixel repair done? Here’s why you should choose ThePhoneLab:

Have the above points convinced you to have your Google Pixel repair performed by ThePhoneLab? Then make an appointment via our website or pass by one of our stores, keep in mind that you might have to wait for a little without an appointment.

Google Pixel repair
Have your Google Pixel fixed at ThePhoneLab

Google Pixel repair at ThePhoneLab

Our repair service is fast and of high quality. As we always like to say; the best Google Pixel repairs at the best repair prices! This means that your Google Pixel is repaired while you wait and is finished within 30 minutes. Is your screen cracked and is the only possibility to fix it by replacing the screen? You no longer have to go weeks without your Google Pixel, we only need a moment of your time. Your Google Pixel repair is executed in no time! You even receive a lifetime warranty on the replaced parts. This way you know for sure that your repair is of high quality.

ThePhoneLab for all your smartphone and tablet repairs

We do not like repair services where you have to go without your smartphone or tablet for weeks and then receive a high bill. We carry out most repairs within 30 minutes. Our prices can simply be found online, once in the store you know exactly how much you have to pay for replacing your battery or screen. You can contact ThePhoneLab for repairs from Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Huawei, Sony. We hope to see you soon at one of our ThePhoneLab stores in Amsterdam, Haarlem, or Utrecht.