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“We strive for nothing but the best” Quick and affordable smartphone and tablet repairs in Amsterdam

Thanks to ThePhoneLab there has come an end to suffering smartphones and tablets in Amsterdam and surroundings. The specialists of ThePhoneLab know everything you can image about repairing your devices, which allows them to offer you nothing but the best service for a competitive price. Besides this, ThePhoneLab uses solely original components, which means the quality of your beloved smartphone or tablet will remain the same.

From March 2015 ThePhoneLab has been repairing smartphones and tablets at Marnixstraat, located at the heart of Amsterdam. The founders thought there were not enough transparent and fair repair businesses and so they came up with the idea and ideologies behind ThePhoneLab.


Boris - Founder / Owner

Boris - Founder / Owner

“Within three years we want to be the biggest repair business of The Netherlands”

With projecting this goal clearly in our minds, we started to conquer the smartphone and tablet repair industry. ThePhoneLab strives to be an open, honest, qualitative and competitive organization. Prices are kept as low as possible and components are of highest quality. Furthermore, our specialists are transparent and always explain the entire problem. They fix the components you agreed to and provide customers with a three-month guarantee.

After a successful two-year anniversary, it is time to open a third store at the Beethovenstraat 94, at the south of Amsterdam. Our goal is to open even more flagshipstores within the upcoming years. In this way, ThePhoneLab’s service will be accessible for more and more people.

Danny - Founder / Owner

Danny - Founder / Owner

Our team of specialists

Specialist Isabella

Isabella is met trots onze 3de vrouwelijke reparatie specialist! Als Isabella niet achter onze balie te vinden dan staat ze de sterren van de hemel te zingen bij bijvoorbeeld de voice. Een echt multitalent!

Specialist Paulus

The man who knows everything about smartphone hardware and software. A specialist of all kinds.

Specialist Jan

In dutch we have a saying: “Jan, de man die alles kan”. You may not understand it, but it means Jan is the man which can do everything. Which is definitely true for our own and only Jan!

Specialist Jannes

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Jannes is our man with the million dollar smile and excellent repair skills.

Specialist Freek

Besides stuntman in our lab videos, Freek is on of the best technicians we have.

Specialist Matthew

The man with the fast fingers. Matthew is our first full time employee and is currently managing his own store.

Specialist Jeroen

The man who has great technical skills since the day he was born. Jeroen never gives up and always works with the greatest precision.