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Have you noticed for a while that your LG Nexus 5 is malfunctioning, your screen is broken or you want to transfer data to your LG Nexus 5? Then stop by ThePhoneLab in Amsterdam, Haarlem or Utrecht for an LG Nexus 5 repair. A malfunctioning LG or a broken LG is very annoying, we often repair your LG device within 30 minutes. Your LG device is ready while you wait and have a nice cup of coffee.

No one wants to be without their LG phone for long, neither do we ourselves. That’s why we offer the best quality LG repairs in which we often finish the LG repair. With us, you won’t have to go weeks without your LG Nexus 5. Schedule an appointment online and experience how fast an LG Nexus 5 repair can be. Your LG Nexus 5 repair is usually a mini repair, but we’re also quick on complicated repairs. We will always keep you informed if it will take longer than half an hour to repair your LG Nexus 5.

Repair with original parts

To guarantee you the best LG Nexus 5 repair, we always use genuine LG parts. This ensures that our repair specialists in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht will repair your LG Nexus 5 in the best possible way and that your LG smartphone will last for years to come. All of our LG Nexus 5 repairs therefore come with a 6-month warranty.

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Schedule your LG repair appointment

Your battery replacement or a screen repair? Schedule an appointment online now for your LG Nexus 5 repair. When you schedule a phone repair online, you never have to wait in our store. That way, we can repair your LG Nexus 5 device as quickly as possible and you’ll lose as little time from your day as possible.

Of course, if you happen to walk by one of our stores you can always drop in without an appointment. Then you may have to wait a while for us to help you or diagnose you. That’s why we always recommend that you schedule an appointment online for an LG Nexus 5 repair.

The Get & Bring service

Want to repair your LG Nexus 5, but don’t have time to bring your device by? Then schedule the Get & Bring service in Amsterdam, Haarlem or Utrecht for an LG repair. We will pick up your LG phone from your home or office. Then our specialists will repair your device on site. After the LG Nexus 5 repair, we will bring your repaired smartphone back to you. Nice and easy and quick!

Repair from ThePhoneLab

In addition to our LG Nexus 5 repairs, we also offer other types of repairs at ThePhoneLab. Similarly, you can make an appointment online for a Huawei repair, >iPad repair, iPhone repair, OnePlus repair, Sony repair and Samsung repair. For an Apple tablet repair or a Samsung repair, you can always come to us! Getting an LG Nexus 5 repaired has never been easier. Our repair service is always ready for you in our Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht branches.