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iPhone X Care(+) Smartphone Insurance
Costs From €11,99
Repair duration 15 minutes

iPhone X Care(+) Smartphone Insurance

Costs From €11,99
Repair duration 15 minutes

*Please note: this rate is a starting price and applies to Care. The rate you pay depends on your device and the insurance you choose: Care or Care+. Contact us, make an appointment or visit one of our stores for the exact price per device. Our specialists are happy to help you.

At ThePhoneLab you can take out a smartphone insurance from € 6.99 per month*. Unique to CarePack is that we insure new, refurbished and used smartphones. And you choose how you want to insure your iPhone X: with Care or Care+. You will also receive the service you are used to from us, the complete CarePack(+)! After a repair or cleaning service at ThePhoneLab, you can additionally take out a CarePack smartphone insurance. One of our specialists will be happy to help you with this in one of our stores, so easy!

With Care of Care+ you iPhone X is insured against, among other things:
  • 1Fall and impact damage
  • 2Water damage
  • 3Technical defects
  • 4Optional: Theft

Frequently asked questions about CarePack

  • What is ThePhoneLab CarePack?

    An insurance for your smartphone with the service of ThePhoneLab. You can choose between two insurance policies: Care or Care+. You will receive the service you are used to from us: the complete CarePack(+)!

  • What is insured with Care and Care+?
  • What service do I get from CarePack, besides repairing damage/defects?
  • How much does smartphonephone insurance cost?
  • What is my deductible excess per claim?
  • Am I stuck to CarePack?
  • What do I do if my smartphone is damaged?
  • How long does a repair take?
  • What happens if my smartphone is totaled?
  • Can I insure all smartphones?
  • Where is my smartphone insured?
  • How do I get a CarePack insurance?

Visit one of our stores to insure your iPhone X

Click on the map for more information about your store. 

ThePhoneLab - Utrecht - Centrum

Utrecht - Centrum, Potterstraat 4, 3512 TA

030 737 08 72

ThePhoneLab - Amsterdam - Zuid

Amsterdam - Zuid, Beethovenstraat 94, 1077 JN

020 737 29 42

ThePhoneLab - Amsterdam - De Jordaan

Amsterdam - De Jordaan, Marnixstraat 253, 1015 WH

020 223 60 38

ThePhoneLab - Amsterdam - De Pijp

Amsterdam - De Pijp, Van Woustraat 190, 1073 LZ

020 737 32 31

ThePhoneLab - Haarlem - Centrum

Haarlem - Centrum, Grote Houtstraat 162, 2011 SZ

023 737 03 85

ThePhoneLab - Amsterdam - Sloterdijk (bij BOB's Autowas)

Amsterdam - Sloterdijk (bij BOB's Autowas), Transformatorweg 37, 1014 AJ

020 244 19 10

ThePhoneLab - Alkmaar

Alkmaar, Kennemerstraatweg 104, 1815LC

072 220 51 89

Why ThePhoneLab CarePack?
smartphone reparatie
1. Repairs within 30 minutes

Appointment made? We repair your iPhone X within 30 minutes.

2. Can be canceled monthly

With a minimum term of 3 months.

3. Always access to our helpdesk

Not able to come by? We are always available via our Whatsapp helpdesk.

4. Always a free check up service

Are you just coming by or for a repair? Have a cup of coffee while we perform a professional cleaning and test analysis on your iPhone X.

5. When buying new, refurbished and after repair

Insure your iPhone X immediately after a repair or cleaning and check up service.

6. Worldwide coverage

Dropped your iPhone X into the toilet on the other side of the world? No worries, when you return home we will repair your device.